Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mini Cards with the Seed Packet Die

Lately, it seems like I am always saying goodbye to my daughters and making them cards to read while they are away.  Forget about tucking a little note into a lunchbox.  I am tucking notes into their suitcases.  They are traveling gals.

My youngest is going off to 7th grade at a new school, and they start the year off with a 4 day field trip to a marine sciences camp on Catalina Island.  We left the house this morning at 5:00 AM to get her to the meeting point.  She looked happy as she waved me away from the bus, but I had a mother's worry seeing her sitting all by herself, since she doesn't know anyone yet at her new school.

Here is what is tucked into her suitcase for tonight night:

I used Mat Stack 3 to create a little mini card that would fit into the envelope made out of the Seed Packet Die.  I got that idea from Monica's post here.  My friend, Leigh, sent me those adorable eye glasses, which are actually eyelets.  I saw her use them here  on a bookmark she made for her son.  I knew I needed some of those glasses, since Sarah is never without her glasses and is a total owl fanatic.   I decorated the card and the envelope with a fun, new background stamp from Market Street Stamps called Bit of Burlap.

This is what my daughter will get on Wednesday night:

I used Angled Label Dies to make a simple card, and some patterned paper I found in my stash to make the envelope.  A couple of Hero Arts owls to send her some love.

This is what Sarah will get on Thursday night:

I used images from the SU Aviary set to decorate this little PTI Spiral Notebook die cut.

Here is a picture of the outside front of the envelope. We have a huge stash of owl stamps, most of which have become separated from their original packaging, so I can't tell you where this owl stamp comes from.

No cards for Friday night, since she will be coming home.  She will have to settle for hugs from all of us.

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  1. These are so cute! The first is my favorite with the little glasses! Sarah must love finding these little notes from you!

  2. Oh...
    they are absolutely adorable!!
    LOVE those eyeglases!!
    And I want to go to school with her!
    It sounds like an incredible time...
    and of course I would be frantic with worry if I were you right now...
    it's so frightening sending them off without knowing that they at least know one person...
    but I know she will come home talking about new friends...
    will have had a super fabby time!

  3. What adorable mini cards. I will have to remember this idea for the future. I have so many ideas floating in my head, but not enough time to put them in action.
    Love the owl on the glasses; too too cute. That burlap stamp is awesome. I think I need to get me one. The pattern paper for the envelope of the 2nd card is so pretty.
    Your daughter is going to love these.

  4. Oh, these all look fabulous, Joyce! I'm sure she will love each and every one of them!

  5. Love the card you made To go with the seed packet, the owl is adorable with the glasses on . I have that punch , I will be using this idea soon. I'm sure your daughter will make friends very fast if she is half as friendly as you Joyce . I hope she has a wonderful time at Catalina . I hate saying goodbye to my children,even though 3 of them are married and have families of their own.

  6. You are such a great mom! I love all these daily little reminders of how much you are thinking of her. That burlap looks so good embossed! I really love that look, great on the seed packet too. You sure are getting your money's worth with that die, aren't you?

  7. I love all of these! They turned out so great, and the owl with the glasses is so cute!! You are such a good mom to make these. I know it will mean a lot to her!! My mom sent me a letter at camp once and it totally brightened up my day and I treasured it. Those little gestures always mean so much! You are also making me want to pull my seed packet die back out and start playing again and thinking of some more ideas. :) I love playing with that die!

  8. That owl with the glasses gave me a good chuckle this morning! I'm sure your daughter will love getting the notes from home! Very sweet idea.

  9. What a mom! You are so sweet to enclose little notes, I can remember my mom leaving notes in my lunch box, what a sweet thing to do. I love everything about your little notes, but I have to say the black rimmed glasses just do it for me, so adorable!


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