Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduation Card

My niece is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks.  Her school colors are black and red, so that is the color scheme I used on this card.  I was inspired by this card by Kim, which reminded me I had made this card for a nephew on the other side of the family last year.  That was even before I had a blog--I can hardly believe that I have been blogging less than a year.

I had a hard time getting all four numbers onto the width of the card, especially when trying to cut them out in a way to use the red negative portion.  I ended up cheating just a little bit.  I cut the first three numbers out of the red, and adhered the red to the smokey shadow gingham with foam dots.  Then, I cut the last '2' out of the smokey shadow gingham, and adhered that on top of the red with foam dots.  The two levels allow for a bit of overlap, which is just what I needed to get everything to fit.

Supplies Used (PTI):
Stamps:  Tag-it's, Paper Smooches Sentiment Sampler
Paper:  White, Pure Poppy, Smokey Shadow Pattern Pack
Other:  By the Numbers Die 

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  1. You didn't "cheat" it looks like you planned it that way and its a cool technique! I love the cap on the 2, and the cute gingham paper showing through. Your niece will really enjoy this card :)

  2. I love this card Joyce & I think the 'cheating' is what actually takes this card to another level - just stunning! xxx

  3. Great card Joyce. I think that having the last number cut from the gingham looks planned. That hat on the number is an amazing accent. So you 'cheating' actually looks really cool!

  4. I am going to have to use that smokey shadow and red combination Joyce, that really pops! I also really like the little graduation cap on the 2. That was a really smart, cute idea!

  5. What a fabulous card Joyce for your niece, how thoughtful of you to make it in her college colours.

    I am trying to think of some books I have recently read that I could recomment to you withour sounding like a boring nerd lol!
    I am currently reading a biography of William Shakespeare (quite interesting) by Peter Ackroyd

    and with my daughter I am reading the Alex Rider Adventures by Antony Horowitz

    And I couldn't put down The Hunger Games trilogy, i read them all in one week!

    I will try and think of some more!

  6. Joyce...what a fabulous card! I love how you made this card the same but different with your '2' on the end, just so clever. And that hat on top of the two just sets it off so nicely. Beautiful card!

  7. I like your clean graphic lines on this. It looks so professional. Personalized just for your niece in her school colors and that sweet little cap on the "2". She's going to love this!

  8. I really love the design Joyce, in fact you could make quite a few and change the end number depending which year you use them!!!!
    Congrats to your niece :0)
    Jenny x

  9. This is SO cool, Joyce. I love your design and colors!!

  10. So cool! Love the cap on the 2!

  11. Love this Joyce! Is the school Glendora High? I am going too run with this idea , and use it to make a few . TFS I can't believe it's been less than a year for you either!

  12. Love this!!
    but so striking!!
    Love that little cap...
    it's the perfect finishing touch! :)

  13. I think your difficulty in getting all the numbers across the card resulted in something fabulous! I love the way that last "2" sits on top of the red, and I love the hat on it. I just made a red and black graduation card. If I saw this first, I could have saved myself some time!!!! I love it!


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