Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Papertrey Friends

Today, I spent the morning talking about Papertrey, stamping, families, and everything else under the sun with two of my fellow Southern California Papertrey friends, Cathy Weber and Marybeth Lopez (Lemonblossom).  It was my second time getting together with Cathy, and our first time meeting Marybeth.  It was such a fun morning.

Marybeth, Cathy, me

Cathy made me this super cute card.  She used lots of bits that I had sent her earlier in the year.  It was such a surprise to see the card she made.

Cathy also made me this set of tea candles and matching box.

Marybeth brought home made chocolate honeycomb.  It was delicious.  I wanted to break into the bag on the car ride home, but I waited so I could get a good picture first.  Although I could have eaten the entire bag, I did save some for my family.

Here are the cards I made for Cathy and Marybeth:

I gave each of them one of these treat holders, filled with home made chocolate and vanilla caramels.  I am happy to report that these treat holders were highlighted here as ColourQ Color Courtiers.  I was so excited to see this, as this is the first time any of my cards have been singled out by any of the challenges I have participated in.

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  1. So fun! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. It sounds and looks like you all had a great time. Adorable cards and treat wrapping.

    June K

  3. I am so glad that you had such a good time. Can I say that I am a little jealous? You all created such beautiful cards and projects. I was so happy to see your treat boxes featued over at the ColourQ Challenge! Yahoo! And thank you for your sweet, sweet words on my last post. You are so kind.

  4. I'm so jealous-- what a fun get together! If only I lived closer...... ;)
    Great projects that all three of you made-- and how fun to exchange them with people who are as equally obsessed with PTI!

  5. Sounds like you gals had a great time. All the cards and gifts look awesome.

  6. This was a fun day! Tasty too! I can tell you all that the card and candy Joyce made for me was both beautiful and delicious. I will be sharing my pics tomorrow. MaryBeth is as nice in person as I imagined and this was a great morning.

  7. How wonderful for all of you, I am quite...envious. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and the goodies you had for each other --amazing.

    Joyce thank you for your congrats to me and congrats to you for being ColourQ Color Courtiers. ;)

  8. It'll only take me about 4 days to get there...
    but I'm coming to the next one! ;)
    I wish I could...
    y'all looked like y'all had so much fun...
    and I'm so jealous that you're all close enough to get together!
    So much fun to get together with crafty friends...
    and such fabby treats!!
    Everything looks so great...
    y'all did incredible projects!

  9. Wow...what a great picture! You are look so sweet. Wish I could have been there too, it would only take a 7 hours to drive. All of the cards and treats look so nice and sweet and congrats on being names a ColourQ Color Coutiers. Beautiful container.

  10. Oh I had so much fun meeting you and Cathy! The carmel was to die for, love it. I am reusing your box and filling it with Ades mints , the snowman theme goes with everything I am giving my granddaughter for her birthday in a few days. That way ,everyone at the party can see how cute it is! Thanks again!


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