Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine and Wedding Cards

This is my last post for today's challenge, which is to use hearts on a project.  I really liked this card that I made earlier in the week, and decided to make a few more variations today.

My husband asked if he needed to buy me a Valentine's Day card.  Gotta love the romance of that guy!  I told him I didn't believe in paying for cards anymore--but I would make him a Valentine he could give to me, and I would sell it to him for $100.  He has no idea what a good deal that is.  Here is the Valentine I made for DH to give to me:

Here is a peek at the inside (still unsigned):

Here's another Valentine for next year's stash:

I think these next two would be good Wedding or possibly Anniversary cards:

Stamps used are Background Basics Circles, Heart Prints, and Love & Marriage.

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!
    why didn't I think of that?
    Patrick always asks if he has to buy card...
    for everything!! :)
    I'm using your trick from now!
    And I love these cards...
    they are just perfect...
    the circles...
    the hearts...
    love them :)

  2. Great cards! Love the heart windows :)

  3. LOL! That is too funny, Joyce!

    Your cards are so pretty--I love the lines of circles and the cut out cards. So fun!

  4. Loving the pairing of the circles and hearts!

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  5. I love your $100 card, Joyce. Tell your DH that I think it is worth $100 easy. Too husband always asks if he has to buy me a card. I tell him no but I'll leave some paper (I don't say "cardstock" as he won't know what that is), ink and stamps on my craft table. He hasn't taken the hint yet.

  6. This card is fabulous!! I am so behind on reading my blogs... I just realized I have 15 posts from you alone! So sorry I am slacking!

    I really like the simpleness of these cards - each element packs its own punch. So elegant and clean.

  7. You crack me up - 100$! And darn right that's a good deal for a Joyce original ;). My hubs usually "sneaks" into my supplies and creates a card for me that looks worse than something Sofia could create.... but I love that he does that!

  8. I love all of these, Joyce! I don't allow my hubs to buy me any more cards as well. Although mine has never snuck into my craftroom to make me one, I guess I just might allow that. With all of the recent Valentine challenges, I was able to give my in-laws one to give each other.

  9. Joyce CAS perfection love this design I "pinned" it so I can scraplift your idea....Karen

  10. You are too smart! $100, that is quite a deal coming from someone who knows. I love the simple circles with the diecut heart, all of those sentiments really could go for almost any LOVE themed occasion. Great job on these, I hope you win.

  11. Joyce once again these cards are so lovely, you have mastered the die cut and stamp technique. Awesome and totally being CASEd. ;)

  12. beautiful!! and love the idea to sell it to your husband. brilliant.

  13. beautiful!! and love the idea to sell it to your husband. brilliant.

  14. I love the heart behind the window!! And I think your hubby is getting off easy, you should charge him double.

  15. Hahaha, its cracking me up that you made your own Valentine's Day card ;) I hope that he paid full price, too! Then you can get lots of crafting goodies .

  16. $100? Worth every single penny if you ask me - these are one of a kind artwork Joyce! x

  17. I love all of these so much, but i love more the laughter your post evoked from me this morning! Thank you for that pearl in my day!!!!!!!

  18. Love your cards--CAS perfection! And your $100 offer is genius! We all need to remember that!!


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