Thursday, February 9, 2012

Owl Valentine

Today's challenge is all about Pinterest.  We were challenged to create a card inspired by a Pinterest photo.  As soon as I saw Erin Lincoln's Pinterest photo and card, I knew I was going to make my youngest daughter's valentine.

Here is Erin's Pinterest photo:

And here is Erin's card:

I loved the jumblee alphabet and the owl tucked away on the card.  I die cut letters out of some Valentines paper that had NO PINK in it and used them to spell the word LOVE.  Sarah loves to find typos in books, so I had the letters all jumbled up, until the bottom, where they are properly arranged in order.  I used a Tremendous Treats owl that my friend Marybeth was kind enough to stamp and send to me, since she knew I didn't have the set and I always need owls.

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  1. Joyce this is such a fun card. Love the owl, so cute and your jumbled letters drawn your attention. Great interpretation.

  2. Love it! I'm sure Sarah will too - and as a ps, I used to love finding typos in books too - it made me feel so smart :)

  3. L-O-V-E it! Great job taking this card and making it your own! I love the Valentine spin you put on it! I love that owl!

  4. Great idea to use the word Love all jumbled up! Nice use of the owl! Adorable Joyce!

  5. Fabulous! Love how you kept your alpha to just one word!


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