Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waltzingmouse June 2012 Blog Party

Isn't this picture just gorgeous?  This is our inspiration for this month's Waltzingmouse Blog Party.  I had ordered some new stamps from Waltzingmouse, and was stalking my mailbox, hoping they would get here in time to use for this challenge, and they did.  I chose to focus on the color scheme, and the theme of rectangles.  I had been eying Sewing Box Hugs for a long time, and finally took the plunge and ordered it.  I paper pieced the house, and used the two hearts as a background stamp.

A very sad thing happened in the making of this card.....It was supposed to say 'home sweet home', only the sentiment dashed from my desk, and is now somewhere in the ether.  Perhaps it got homesick, and flew back to Ireland.  I don't know.  All I know is that my brand new stamp set is missing the sentiment I wanted to use.  Very sad.  I hope it turns up--I've looked everywhere I can think of.  If you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

Supplies Used:
Stamps:  Sewing Box Hugs
Paper:  PTI Orange Zest, Hawaiian Shores, Smokey Shadow, Aqua Mist polka dots
Other:  PTI:  Tiny Tags Die, Striped IP, Nesties, bitty dot ribbon

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  1. Joyce, these colors are great! I love that the little house almost looks like a cookie (to me at least ;)

  2. Fabulous card Joyce and your paper piecing is just so perfect. Nice to see that you put your new stamp set to work right away. Sorry to hear one of your stamps is MIA but for some crazy reason they always seem to reappear when you least expect them too. The sentiment you used is just perfect for your sweet home. Wonderful take on the challenge.

  3. Joyce this is amazing. I love the stamps and your stamping. You nailed that inspiration photo. Those colours are so amazing together. I hope you find your stamp. That is sad. :(

  4. Joyce, So glad you got your set in time for the challenge - great set for the Christmas Card Challenge hint hint!!! Your card is beautiful! I love the blue! You will find your stamp - I had one that tried to run off too - I found it a week later stuck to my stapler on my desk! Don't give up!

  5. What a lovely card and such a fun job with your paper piecing on the house. Your bits of patterned paper is divine and the hearts coming out of the clever. You will find your missing stamp...probably not when you want it, but while looking through something else. I have had stamps stick to my clothes, patterned paper and in all sorts of places...they can be tricky to find for sure.

  6. Love your card, Joyce! You have a set I would like to have! :) Great work! I hope you will find your lost stamp!

  7. The house looks FANTASTIC! I am going to CASE it when I use that stamp. I love the mini dotted ribbon and the stamped background too, Joyce. Adorable card!

  8. wonderful colours and cute house surrounded with love. I've lost a tiny stamp recently's so annoying!

  9. Love this!!
    Your paper piecing is spectacular...
    those windows and door!!
    Love how you have it layered on the labels...
    and that stamped background is awesome!!
    Now...true story.
    Was stamping and literally had my big rooster from French Country and was using it...
    switched it out for just one second...
    couldn't find it anywhere!!
    I had just had it!!
    Was in full panic...
    had Dinky searching with me...the floor...everywhere...
    he actually wasn't any help but...
    so I was almost in tears...
    had touched everything on my table!
    Found it on the underside of my wippees that I had already put back...
    it had attached itself to the package as I was putting it away!
    It'll turn up...
    just don't take out the garbage yet!

  10. What a perfect take on the challenge colors! LOVE your supersweet house!

    Hugs, Karin
    I'm sure you'll find it - but it once took me 3 months to get a stamp back - those things stick to everything so I later found mine stuck to sticker package that I hardly ever use.

  11. Absolutely adore your paper pieced house and sweet hearts on the background. Wonderful card.

    Now as to the missing sentiment - a similiar thing happened to me before I came to the States. I lost the tiny shamrock and couldn't find it for ages and I thought it was lost. But, as I got ready to come over, I was tidying my desk top and there it was tucked behind some scraps. So I hope your sentiment turns up.

  12. This is so fun! Love your paper pieced house. Hope your missing sentiment reappears soon--I hate when that happens . . .

  13. Joyce, this is gorgeous!! I love how you incorporated these colors together perfectly.

    I have lost tiny stamps and dies but luckily they always show up. Renee's advice of don't throw out the garbage is good! I've found many lost items in the trash can. I've also found stamps stuck to my glass board, another block, an ink pad, my desk, my scissors. Maybe a fresh set of eyes can help you look. I hope you find it!

  14. i just got myself this stamp set ..and it is AMAZING..just like your card..perfect colour interpretation and this sweet ribbon..PERFECT :)

  15. You'll find it... being the not-so-neat crafter I'm always amazed when I do actually find the missing pieces. Great card, love what you did with colors.

  16. Wow, Joyce, I LOVE your paper piecing! It's great that you added the close-up of the sweet house. I really like your take on the inspiration photo. And isn't that set wonderful. You are going to find so many uses for the images! Don't panic about the stamp either. Bet it shows up! Just don't throw anything out without looking at it carefully first.

  17. Your little stitched house looks lovely in the inspiration colors! The hearts look like the smoke coming out of it's chimney!

    Check your trash for the missing stamp - I often throw something out if I have it in my hand as well as some scraps - they all drop into the trash together - or check the bottom of your ink pads or whatever you store your stamps in - if it was lying on the work table - it might have had something laid on top of it and hitched a ride!! OR - check another part of your craft room - you may have put it down while looking for some paper or the right ink you wanted to use? How do I know all these things??!!! (been there~!!)

  18. This is such a fun card!! I love how you used the colors and love the stitched house.

    I hope you find your stamp!!

  19. Oh Joyce I hope your stamp turns up! It may be on the bottom of something, check your die cutting machine, the stamp pack, maybe the ink pad, it could be stuck to anything! So annoying with a new set too!
    Anyways, I love your fun warm and toasty card, love the paper pieced house, so sweet!

  20. A perfect little house - adorable. I have lost the odd stamp too, but always find them, like stuck to a clear block ! lol Hope you find it.

  21. Wonderful house in these bright cheery colours! And the hearts - great addition. Re: the missing stamp- check your sleeves and the soles of your socks or slippers. Ask me how I know! LOL!

  22. Hi Joyce! I LOVE your paper-pieced house. It looks so Beautiful!! The background stamping is lovely - I love this stamp set! I hope you find the sentiment soon, I know how it feels but I'm sure it will turn up soon. Have a lovely day! {hugs}

  23. Hello Joyce! What a beautiful card you have here! You really rocked that color scheme! Don't you hate it when a sentiment goes missing? Also while I am here I wanted to thank you for the many kind comments you have left at my blog. You are so sweet. And you have made my day (many times!)

  24. Well, first how fun you got your happy mail in time. So sad your stamp left … hopefully for just a bit. Do you have wheels on your chair, check there.
    Love this card and the bright colors you used. I keep toying about getting this one too. Ohhh it's such a cute card Joyce! Hope you find your stamp.

  25. I have had my eyes on this set for a long time and for some reason it does not get purchased ...... I REALLY feel I need this NOW ~ Beautiful card Joyce!!!

  26. Nightmare about the missing sentiment!! I hate when that happens! I lost the Happy part of my favourite Happy Birthday stamp and am about to break down and order a whole new set just for that...

    As for the card I love that sweet little stitched house and the warm colour scheme is perfect for it. Love the sentiment on the tag too. :)


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