Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Kim

Happy Birthday Kim!!!!


I hope that your day was filled with all of your favorite things.  Just in case, here are a few pictures for you.

Here is the card I sent you.  I made it a long time ago, when you told me you were going to a rock concert.

Now, you can open your card and present from me.

We have a special birthday blog hop just for you.  Hop along and see who else is at your surprise party:

Joyce (that's me)

If you would like to stop by Kim's blog and leave her some birthday love, click here.

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  1. oh my goodness...you are just so amazing! And all of thsoe photos are just perfect! Thank you so much. I am still at work, had a meeting today but can't wait to get home to open the gift that Ashleigh has been holder hostage. Thank you again for being so sweet! You are the BEST!

  2. Fun card, Joyce! You did a super job on Kim's surprise party!

  3. What a fun card Joyce! Thanks for putting this little party together!

  4. I love your card, Joyce, especially how you cut out the guitar with the peek of blue behind it. Your pictures to honor Kim were great too, and now I feel like I know her a little better!

  5. What a great card!! I love the shadow effect on the guitar.

  6. First...
    the card is awesome!!
    I remember her Foo Fighters concert...
    I like her taste in music!;)
    I totally forgot her Mickey obsession...
    And Twilight!!
    But I did get cupcakes and green...
    her favorite color! :)
    This is fabulous...
    thanks so much for organizing this so we can wish our wonderful Kim a happy day! :)

  7. Such a sweet idea! Love those Mickey cupcakes and the way you layered the guitar on your card. :)

  8. Now that I am at home waiting for dinner to be delivered I can hop from blog to blog...I just love all of the pictures, they make me smile and you really nailed it! Thank you for the wonderful surprise and the fabulous gift and I mean fabulous!!!!

  9. I remember about the rock concert! Joyce, this was such a nice thing to organize for Kim, know she will love it. Your card is so great, love the sentiment and look at you! You are pinning pictures just like Nichole! I love what you chose, especially the I Love Lucy one. I know a lot more about Kim now just by looking at those pics.

  10. Great card. Love the shadowing of the guitar. Perfect sentiment too!

  11. This is a rockin' card, Joyce! Love it!

  12. Great job with all the party Joyce ! Adding the birthday pictures and putting this together, for Kim. How sweet that you had this card made when you herd she went to a rock concert. Perfect card! Sorry I just got home .

  13. Cool card, Joyce! I like how you shadowed the guitar. So sweet of you to organize this hop for Kim. You're a good friend!

  14. I always need birthday cards. Those Mickey cupcakes are fabulous. All of those photos are just perfect. I impressed by that. It so easy for making.

    ladder fiberglass

  15. What a fabulous and very thoughtful card Joyce!

  16. Sorry I am late to the party - I had boy scouts last night! Love all the images you put together here for Kim! You are a sweet friend - I bet she was just thrilled! All her favorite things, Mickey, Twilight, Lucy and a fab rock n roll card from you! I think you rock Joyce!!


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