Friday, January 4, 2013

Waltzingmouse 2012 Holiday Card Exchange

I participated in the Waltzingmouse Holiday Card Exchange this year, for the second year.  It's such a fun way to meet someone from another part of the world, and also a great way to guarantee that I will receive a stunning hand made card!

This year I received a card from Karen.  She claims she is relatively new to card making, but I wouldn't have guessed that from this beauty she sent me.  This card has it all--layers, dimension, bling, snow, and felt.  How did she know how much I love snow men (even though I live at the beach)?

Karen was also sweet enough to include a little bag of crafty goodies, so I could make something of my own.  Isn't that just so nice?  Karen, if you are reading this--thanks again!

I sent a card to Maja all the way in Slovenia.  I was so excited to get her name, since I am always interested in meeting people from around the world--especially in places I have never been.  I just saw from Maja's blog post that my card was destroyed in transit.  How sad, and how unfair to Maja.  I will post the card here, so she can see what it was supposed to look like.  And, will send another card her way--this time wrapped in a waterproof envelope.  So sorry, Maja, but I will make it up to you.

If you need some holiday inspiration for next year, check out all the beautiful cards that were sent during this fun holiday card exchange.

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  1. Even with the water-stained card on Majas post I could tell your card was beautiful...perfectly stamped and embossed Joyce. How sweet of you to send a second card to her. I agree with you too, your card from Karen is not a "beginner" card, in fact everything is stamped and layered so well you would swear she had been doing this for years! I love that cute snowman all covered with snowflakes. Both cards are really beautiful!

  2. I saw your card on Maja's posy and thought it was yours. Love the sweater card you made for her. Your stamping looks just like a ski sweater . Too bad it got ruined in the mail. How fun to get someone so far away.
    The card Karen sent you is perfect, because you love snowman . Love her snowflakes, and beautiful card!

  3. Dear Joyce, thank you again for your gorgeous card. I really love it. It's good that you took a picture before you sent it, so that everyone can see how fantastic it was in the first place.
    The snowman you got is also very cute.

  4. Joyce,
    How exciting to participate in an exchange like this. What a great idea.
    The card you received is lovely. I love the snowman's arms; they are so different. The snow covered trees are awesome too!
    Your card is beautiful too! Love the patterns you stamped & embossed.

  5. Love the knitted sweater card - a brilliant idea. Such a shame it was water damaged. And I love the snowman card you received - the snowflakes look great!

  6. They are both fabulous!!
    Both are such fun winter cards...
    sweaters and snowmen...
    love them both!! :)
    And this IS fun...
    seeing all the cards...
    who received...
    who sent...
    I love this and yes...
    inspiration galore!! :)

  7. Joyce, that snowman card you received is just too sweet. All of the cute little snowflakes and snow, how fun!
    Your sweater card is just fabulous too, even if it did get a bit wet and as soon as I saw it I knew you made it. Both cards are just beautiful!

  8. Your most welcome Joyce. I do have to say that I loved the thank you card you sent back to me. Sorry that I didn't have the chance to post that one.

    Love the looks so cozy and warm. Sooo very creative! Have a great New Year!

  9. How disappointing the card was damaged in transit, because it is gorgeous! In fact, I wish I had a real sweater like that right now - it is cold! My dear husband keeps telling me to put on another pair of socks.

  10. such cute cards!! love that snowman's scarf!!


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