Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Mail for Grayson

Yesterday, I came across this heartfelt post from Danielle at Neat and Tangled.  I am reprinting it here, to help her spread the word about the card drive she is organizing for two very special boys.

Exerpted from Neat & Tangled:
Just before Thanksgiving I heard news that a girl I went to high school with and her family had embarked on an incredibly difficult journey.  You see, they had discovered that their sweet little 2 year old boy, Grayson, had a tumor on his brain stem. Since then they have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride, and this is only part of the journey.  Grayson will begin chemotherapy this month as the next stage of treatment. Through all of this, the family has stayed strong, hopeful, faithful and positive.  Grayson's mom, Jackie, has a blog she keeps updated regularly, so you can get to know more about Grayson HERE.

I do not really have words to describe how this makes me feel, except I want to bring some light into this loving family's life. I knew to start I could make a card. And then I realized that, you too, know how a little card can bring a smile to a difficult day, and so I thought we could just light up Grayson's life with some serious happy mail!  I talked to Jackie, and she informed me that Grayson and his brother love to get mail...and so, here we have the Happy Mail for Grayson Card Drive. 


As I mentioned, Grayson is super lucky to have a big brother, Aydan, who is 4 so make sure to send some awesome cards to him too! These boys love all things boy :) Rescue Bots, Geotracks, Angry Birds, Thomas the Train. Send these little men funny, happy, cards! We all know how much love goes into a handmade card, and even better how personalized they can be!

Here is the important info:

The drive will run from January 21 - February 28
(if they arrive late because they are International that's okay too!)

Send them here:
Grayson Savery and/or Aydan Savery
c/o Danielle Walls
P.O. Box 5808
Wilmington, DE 19808

Thank you in advance for your cards! Feel free to share with your crafty friends as well :) Would love to see my PO box overflowing!
I could not stop thinking about those two little boys.  So, I am participating in this card drive, and also helping to spread the word.  Because they are too young to read, I decided to make them cards that would be fun and interactive, with lots of textures.  I used some of my Boy Basics sets with the spinners and poppers dies.  I coated the school bus on this card and the airplane on the next card with a few layers of UTEE--they are nice and sturdy now, and shiny, too.
Here is a view of the inside--with a fire truck, school bus, and truck popping up when you open the card.
I don't know why it is so hard to take pictures of the inside...

My cards will be on their way tomorrow.  If you have some time, please send a card, too.
Thanks for Visiting 


  1. These are fantastic, Joyce! So much fun and so perfect for the boys. The UTEE is a genius idea too!

  2. They will love playing with these fun cards! Thanks for posting - I will try to send a card or 2 as well :)

  3. Joyce fantastic cards for Grayson and his brother. I love your cute trucks and airplanes. Yes photographing the inside is always hard, but you did a great job!

  4. Wow, they will surely love getting these highly interactive and visual cards!! I'm sure they haven't seen anything like them! Thanks for letting us know about their story, Joyce!

  5. Oh, these are wonderful, Joyce! So perfect!

  6. Perfect cards for a couple of little boys - what a wonderful idea to help the family through a scary time.

  7. These are fun!! Love the interactive parts! And it might have been difficult to take pics from the inside, but you can surely see the fun! Love it!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  8. They will love these Joyce!!
    Little boys...
    cars, trucks, airplanes...
    and they can "play" with the cards...
    they're perfect!
    Planning on trying to work something up this weekend just for this occasion! :)

  9. Oh what a sad but sweet post. Joyce your cards are about as cute and perfect as can be for two little boys. I should both of those sets . You did a great job making fun and bright cards for these to sweet boys. God Bless You!

  10. awesome cards...perfect for little boys!!

  11. Joyce this post touched my heart! Love the cards you made my dear! I know how much it means to receive heartfelt greetings during cancer fights! My prayers are with their family!!

  12. HOW FUN ARE THESE! Joyce, you are so sweet to join in on the card drive and they kids are going to love these cards!


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