Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seed Packet Die

I just received my new Papertrey Seed Packet Die, and I can't seem to stop making little packets.  I was inspired by a gift I received from Monica, and the post where she wrote about her ideas for this die.  Basically, I have been cutting and taping anything I can get my hands on, and it's just been a blast.

Here are some seed packets I cut out of wax paper.  The packet on the left is regular wax paper.  To the right is wax paper embossed with the Sunshine Impression Plate.  You can't really see the impression in the picture or in real life.  The next two are cut from wax paper and then run through the Cuttlebug with a Square Lattice and Houndstooth embossing folders.  The one on the right is some wax paper I had left over from last holiday season, that had snowmen and snowflakes printed on it.


Here is a close up of the wax paper packets that were embossed before assembling.  (Now, I am wondering if it might work even better if I had taped them together before embossing--another project for another day).

Here is a better view of the wax paper with the snowman pattern.  These are so cute.  I'm going to check Target to see what other patterned wax paper they have.  These would be cute for Halloween treats, if I can find Halloween-themed wax paper.

These seed packets are cut out of PTI Linen Vellum, PTI Vellum, and unbleached parchment paper (for baking).  If I were a better photographer, you would see that the Linen Vellum looks pretty much like white cardstock, but the regular vellum and the parchment paper are somewhat translucent, which would be great if you want to show a partial view of the contents.

Here are those same packets shown with something in them, so you can see how translucent each type is.

 These last are cut from (left to right):

-A map of San Diego I got from AAA

-SU newsprint paper

-Patterned paper from Michaels
-PTI white cardstock stamped with Little Bitty Bird

Flip view of the last two.  I stamped the back top portion before assembling.  I used Scor Tape as my adhesive on all of them.

Sorry about the length of this post, but I just had to share my excitement about this die.  If you have any ideas about what I should do with all these packets, please let me know.

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  1. Love your seed packets, now for sure that die will be in my cart. I love what you have done and the waxed paper is such a great idea. I can use these in my class room to put holiday treats in, can't wait!

  2. Oh, these are all great, Joyce! Fabulous and fun!

  3. Super fun!!! Love the idea of using wax paper!

  4. These look great. I have been meaning to try this die on wax paper too, but it keeps getting bumped on my to do list. Love your idea about Halloween Wax paper. I too will look in my Target.

  5. oooh you are making me want to go crazy this weekend and cut seed packets out of everything!!! Thanks for all the ideas... :-)

  6. What fun@ the waxed paper looks great. I think I need this die.

  7. Aawww!!
    LOVE them all!
    Really loving the baker's parchment one...
    I need to pick up some more just for this die!
    What creative uses for this...
    especially with Holidays and so many occasions for little treats closing in!
    And I'm checking Target too... :)
    Thanks so much for the inspiration! :)

  8. Joyce, Monica had given me lots of ideas and now you've added even more ideas. I really do need to get my die out and go to town. Love your AAA map.

    **June K**

  9. Look at all you have been doing! My favorite is the Little Bitty Bird envelope. That is so cute and what a great idea. I honestly think nobody has stamped scenes on the seed packets yet, just used patterned papers. This was so smart. I am surprised that the linen vellum is so thick and you can't see through it. I didn't think it was that way. Great ideas today, mine is ordered and I am going to get cutting when it gets here.

  10. I can't wait to get mine in the mail , my order should be here by Thursday . I love all the packets you maid . The map is a great idea, so is the parchment , the tinny birds, All of them. TFS. Did you get your August release order yet? Oh I love the embossed ones too.

  11. Joyce, these are all great!! I had no idea that they made wax paper with images on it--cool! The parchment paper turned out great too, and the Little Bitty Bird tree fits on there perfectly. So glad you liked the little packet that I sent you and I'm really glad you ordered the die! ;)


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