Friday, January 31, 2020

The 12 Kits of Occasions....Leftovers with Alumni

I am super excited today to be posting as an alumni along with my friends from "The 12 Kits of Occasions"   The theme this month is 'leftovers'. 

I was a member of this group from its inception in January, 2012 until my departure in December 2016.  I have boxes and boxes of leftovers from 5 years of monthly kits.  It was a great treat to dig through those boxes and put some of those extra supplies to use.

The following 3 cards were in a kit from Sharron in 2013 (pretty sure, anyway).

This next card uses supplies from a 2013 kit from Tracey.

The next 2 cards use supplies from a 2013 kit from Jeanne.

I am not really sure where the supplies come from in my next 2 cards.  I'm thinking possibly Marybeth?

What a fun trip down memory lane this post has been.  As you can guess, I still have loads and loads of supplies from all those years of kits.  I will definitely revisit those kits again.

Now, I hope you will see what all the other alumni and current designers post at The 12 Kits of Occasions.

Thanks for Visiting


  1. So many wonderful card here Joyce! And to think they were just leftover supplies sitting in your closet. It's a wonderful feeling to use things up, isn't it? I love all your cards but the music print card and the "Joy" deer pull at my heart strings.

  2. Oh my gosh you used some from way bank when! So excited you joined us Joyce and I love how you took older kits and made beautiful updated CAS cards with some of your leftovers! Love that second card with the wonderful background !

  3. What a fabulous assortment of CAS cards Joyce! These are kits from before my time and I love seeing what you've done with the leftovers. The happy birthday music card is my favorite!

  4. Oh Joyce...I am absolutely loving ALL of your cards, but your fish card is definitely my fave! It's CAS, colorful, and I just LOVE the sentiment! Thanks for the chuckle and the trip down memory lane...loved it! :0)

  5. Beautiful cards that you have made from *leftovers*. I'm also impressed that you have kept these components together - and can remember more or less who they came from!

  6. Joy s what a fabulous collection of cards made from your leftovers! I am so glad you joined us this month. You made the deadline that I didn't!

  7. Oh my are just so amazing! so many wonderful cards, seeing all those cards brought back so many fun memories from all the past kits. thank you so much for playing along with us this month!

  8. Such wonderful cards, Joyce! So fun to see all your leftovers from the past years! I have to say, you lured me in with that lure card!


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