Friday, February 8, 2013

Year of Flowers Celebration

I did not expect to spend the majority of my day playing with my Year of Flower stamps.  However, that was today's contest, so I tried to make as many cards as I had time for today.  Year of Flowers:  Mums was one of my earlier PTI purchases, and I am happy to say that I do pull it out every so often, and always remember how beautiful the images are.  I had a vague recollection of buying another YOF set on the PTI Forum, and sure enough, when I checked my stamp box, Gladiolus was right there.  I had completely forgotten about it, so today it also felt like I got a new stamp set.

I have more ideas than time, but here is what I have done, so far.

A bit of water coloring and fussy cutting--white embossing on vellum--I will be very happy to get those dies after today.   This was inspired by Dawn's card today.

More fussy cutting and coloring with Prismacolor pencils this time.  Inspired by Christina.

Loved Kim's layout, and tried it with white embossing powder.

And a few more, very CAS, based on things I have done previously.

Gotta run--school pick up.

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  1. Wow wow wow! All of your cards are so gorgeous Joyce. The embossing on vellum looks fantastic and along with those vibrant colours. Your woodgrain background is very cool and the rest of your cards are perfectly CAS. I am sure you will get it all done today. ;)

  2. You so sweet to CAS my card, after seeing all of your cards it makes me want more Year of Flower sets! You truly have corrupted me. Each and everyone of your cards is amazing, and so beautiful. I will be CAS'ing a few of yours with my Daffodils set. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. These are beautiful Joyce, two of my fave flowers. The vellum is the perfect medium for those Chrysanthemums and love the white outline gladiolus too :0)
    Jenny x

  4. Love the cards you chose to case, and I love the way you made yours. These are so beautiful stamped on white with just color from the ink. Thank goodness you gave me some stamped images long time ago. I think I love the mum the best and that would be the one would purchase.

  5. Just gorgeous Joyce! You are a far better fussy cutter than I could ever be! I really like the look on the vellum in your first card. I also like the cards where you used just the outlines stamped in various colors...I'm not much of a copic girl, so it's nice to see they are just as beautiful not colored in!

  6. The vellum embossing is my fav, but they're all beautiful! You've been a busy girl. Just think, we won't have to fussy these stamps after the release!

  7. I love the vellum embossed card - I don't mind a bit of fussy cutting, but will definitley buy dies where I can! Love the gladiolus CAS cards.

  8. I had to pop in when I saw the vellum thumbnail. The way you colored the mum is stunning. How lucky that you got to have such a happy day playing with your stamps. I always enjoy time spent that way.

  9. Love these cards - I've got to try embossing on vellum it's so pretty.

  10. Beautiful set of cards.
    I especially love the first one done with the vellum.
    The woodgrain background on the second card adds some nice texture.

  11. ack, Joyce, you've been on FIRE recently! That embossing on vellum is so delicious, I just love it!!! And the other card with the color-blocked background ... wonderful!


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