Friday, September 14, 2012

Card Making Classes

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend two different classes at two different local papercrafting stores.  

My first class was at Paper Tales last week, where I had the pleasure of meeting and being taught by the one and only Kim Hughes of Paper Smooches.  Kim showed us several interesting techniques, including stamp kissing, masking, and glittering.  Plus, she brought all of her stamp sets for us to play with.  It was so fun to meet Kim, and also to get to stamp with some other gals who live in the San Diego area.

Here are the cards we made:

There was a fifth card, but I botched the stamping, and haven't had a chance to fix it yet.

Here is a picture of Kim and me, in front of the store's Paper Smooches display:

The next class I took was a Copic Coloring class at Gee Gee's Stamps and Stuff.    This was supposed to be a class for people who already owned Copic markers, and who just wanted more practice using them.  Imagine my surprise to find that I was the only one in the class!  For a $10 fee, I got 2 hours of one on one instruction.  I learned a lot, and hope to have some time soon to put what I learned into practice.  Here is a stamped image that the instructor provided for me to learn coloring and shading.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I'm not posting or crafting much.  Not to fear.  I hope to be back to a regular schedule in a month or so.  In the meantime, I am busy getting ready for my youngest daughter's upcoming Bat Mitzvah. 

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  1. Still jealous of you playing with Kim. LOL

    All of your cards from both days are fantastic Joyce. Maybe you could visit and teach me what you learned. ;)

  2. Yes, Joyce, I've definitely missed seeing you on my blog reader lately! But I know you've been SUPER busy!

    You got to make all different cards from our PS class! I love them :) Especially the Happy Everything one! Do you know where the bird and branch came from? (what sets?) I don't have any of their background sets...I really like that first one, maybe I'll have to try some of their backgrounds, too!

    The Copic coloring looks great! What a deal for 1 to 1! I paid $25 for my Copic class and there were like 10 other women there!

    P.S. I used a cute little scientist on my card on my blog tonight ;)

  3. Well sure sounds like you had some fun. Love all the cards you made, all kina of new to me, other than the ones I see on Jessica's blog. Love your new haircut,did you cut it recently? Glad you had fun and took some time to go. TFS

  4. Joyce, all of your cards are so sweet and fun. I love your coloring too, those pumpkins are adorable! How fun to have the opportunity to take a few classes and it looks like you must have passed with straight A's! It is fun to see what you did with your Paper Smooches too, so cute! Good luck with all of your planning too, can't wait to see pictures of all your hard work.

  5. Your cards are all fabulous! And aren't you the lucky one to get to play with PS stamps with Kim! Then a private Copics class--WOW! Love your wonderfully colored pumpkins!

  6. Your classes sound like so much fun and look at all the pretty cards you made. You tried so many new techniques that are on my wish list - and WOW the Copic instructor all to yourself ! Awesome! Are you hooked on Copics now? The pumpkins and leaves are beautiful!

  7. Oh, these are great, Joyce! How fun that you got to meet Kim and take her class! Those cards are super cute!

  8. These cards are wonderful - so jealous that you attended class with Kim! You are a lucky girl!

  9. What a great opportunity to take those classes. Your paper smooches cards are adorable, I really love the Happy Everything card. And great coloring, I look forward to seeing more coloring from you!!

  10. Joyce, that is a beautiful photo! I am psyched you got to take a class with Kim! Your cards are awesome too! (They're different from the ones that we made when she came to NH.)

    I love hearing about others learning Copics...I took a class and didn't take to them so well. Jess, on the other hand, loves them! I can't wait to see what you color!

  11. How fun. I have one very little scarpbooking store in town and they don't sell stamps. You're cards turned out great.

  12. Wow! So cool to meet Kim and then to have a private Copic lesson? That rocks!! :)


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