Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make it Monday and Vacation Pics

I have a card for this week's Make it Monday #61, Creating Flowers with Leaf Dies.  After I made my first 'object' with the leaf dies from Autumn Acorns (I can't even call it a flower), I took a different approach.  I dug through my dies, and decided to make a flower with the Filigree Border Die.  

I cut a filigree border and then snipped some of the filigrees off, gluing them down onto a 1 inch circle.  I used a home made polymer clay button as my center.  I must say that, while this is an interesting technique, I think I'll probably stick to the flower dies in the future.  I have so many of them, and I think they all make better flowers than this.  Anyhow, I think one of my mother-in-law's will still appreciate getting this card next month.

Supplies Used:  (PTI):
Stamps:  Love & Marriage, Fillable Frames
Paper:  White, Sweet Blush, Raspberry Fizz
Other:  Filigree Border Die, Edgers #5 die, Heart Border Die, polymer clay

On another topic....

I've got a few vacation pictures to share today.  My daughters literally took hundreds of photos, but I thought I would post just a few.  We spent a week in Rome and 3 days in Venice.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime.  We had almost perfect weather, and walked for miles and miles every day.  When we weren't walking, we were eating, as DH spent months planning where we would have all of our meals. 

The Colosseum

The Forum

Rachel (14) and Sarah (12) at the Forum

Our favorite breakfast haunt in Rome
The Grand Canal

Our last night--and the only time they agreed to a group photo

Thanks for Visiting


  1. Genius idea to use the filigree border, but you must have had very sticky fingers by the end! You have such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your breath-taking vacations photos!

  2. Oh my gosh Joyce I got so excited when I saw that you were posting pics from your vacation! The shots you put up today are perfect, the weather and sights look amazing and your daughters are so pretty. :)

    On to your card, using the Filigree Border is genius! I think it turned out fabulous and your polymer button is perfect. Thanks for sharing both.

  3. gorgoeus photos!! wow...what a wonderful trip!! love your card too!

  4. Oh my goodness! How amazing are your photos? How amazing was your vacation!!! I'm so glad you got to go, it sounds absolutely wonderful! I love your card and how you used the Edgers #5 die. Your handmade flower from the filigree border die is beautiful, too!

  5. First your card is lovely. I love when you can multipurpose anything and the flower looks great with the die cuts and the center you made yourself. Second WOW WOW WOW! Amazing photos! I bet coming home was bittersweet. So much history in Europe vs. here! Love your bakery photo - I'm with your hubby - always room for something good. You have a beautiful family!

  6. Joyce, I was laughing when I read that you'll probably stick to the flower dies in the future ... that's how I feel sometimes after trying things but I never have the guts to say it. Good for you! But, I'm glad you did try it because I love the results! It makes such a delicate design. Really nice!

    And your vacation photos are fantastic ... thanks for sharing them with us! I too love the bread photo. What a treat for you to be in a beautiful country, with your beautiful family!

  7. Love the vacation photos Joyce, looks like a wonderful trip… The girls are so adorable and beautiful! Love the family photo as well, you all look like you're having a great time. TFS You are blessed with a beautiful family!

  8. Whoops thought the card was on another post :)
    I love your card , you made me smile about the flower. It was so nice to see you use the edgers#5 die, I got that and have not used it. I think I need some ideas, and love how you used this die.

  9. I'm with you on using flower dies in future.... There are only so many leaf shapes compared to petal shapes !!! acing said that this border makes an interesting shaped flower :0)
    I enjoyed your holiday photos, such beautiful cities and definitely on my wishlist of places to visit :0)
    Jenny x

  10. I still love your card. Using the filigrees stamp in the background is beautiful. the colors are lovely. I am sure your MIL will love it.
    When I first saw this MIM I thought why would anyone go through all that trouble to make a flower when there are tons of flowers dies we all own. LOL
    Your photos are beautiful.Brought back memories of my own trip to Rome 2 yrs ago. Your daughters are beautiful. Missed your posts while you were gone. Welcome back!

  11. Great idea making a Filigree Flower. Love how your card came out.
    PS: Fabulous photos! Looks like an amazing vacation with your beautiful family.

  12. oh my goodness, your card is just to feminine and frilly. I just love it! And to finish it off with that handmade button, such a nice touch. Your pictures from Italy are so beautiful, my favorite one is of all of you. I know how hard it can be to get a photo for everyone to agree upon and this one is just so nice.

  13. What a great idea to use the fillagree border die for the flower, it might have been a lot of work, but sure turned out nice. I also love the Edgers #5, first time I have seen that one used on a card other than the DT and it really was a great choice on this card. What great vac pics you posted too. I especially love the group pic as I have never seen a pic of your husband. If I didn't know better, I would swear you never fed those girls...they are so skinny! What a wonderful trip you had, you'll never forget it.

  14. Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great time. And very clever use of the filigree die. Love it.

  15. i love your card, Joyce! The background stamping gives it a soft look/feel to it. Great vacation photos too - what a treat to visit Rome and Venice, plus with your family too. Beautiful daughters!

  16. So happy to see you back home & posting. I loved seeing your wonderful vacation pictures. Looks like you all had a fantastic time! Thanks for including the sweet family photo too. Great job on your card and very clever to use the filigree border die for your flower. I especially love how you used Edger #5. It looks fabulous with the hearts!

  17. oh, what fun!! we lived in europe and these photos bring back some great memories!! thanks for sharing!!

  18. Oh I love seeing all those different dies as petals!

  19. I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. I am so happy you shared a bit of your amazing vacation. Looks incredible. Your photos look like postcards. Huge thanks for sharing these precious memories.

    Love the card too. Such a clever use of the new Edgers. And that bloom is outta sight! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  20. Joyce, your wonderful photographs literally made me tingle - I have always wanted to visit Rome (I loved Venice when we were there many years ago) so I really enjoyed looking at them, thank you so much for sharing & I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself :) xxx

  21. I love the card you made for this week's MIM. I have to remind myself that I do not need the filagree and folder dies. But you are making it difficult!

    What great pictures of Italy!! I would love to visit there someday. My great grandmother came over here "on the boat" from Italy. Thank you for sharing those pictures. You have such a beautiful family. What a wonderful opportunity for your kids to visit.

  22. Oh, your photos look amazing, Joyce! I'm so glad you had such a great time!

  23. Great thinking to use the border die for a flower Joyce, I think it looks great and will be appreciated by your Mum or MIL. The pictures of Italy are fantastic and will bring back so many memories. Love the last one of the whole family!

  24. Wow, you went to Rome and Venice!! Two of my favourite cities in the world! We went to Rome for our Honeymoon, and have some very cherished memories. I have a picture of me in the same position as yours daughters, it sounds like you had an amazing time!
    Gorgeous card, and I love that flower you made from the die cut, a great idea!

  25. I think your flower looks cool -an awesome idea to use the filigree border! However, I know what you mean about just using the flower dies - why try and reinvent a perfectly good wheel? :)

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous holiday photos. It looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  26. Joyce your flower is so CUTE! and your vacation looks FABULOUS!!!! Loved the photos you shared!!!

  27. What a great vacation!! Your pictures look like postcards :-)

    Absolutely lovely card as well - I love when people think outside the box :-)

  28. Do you see how far behind I am?!!
    I'm just now seeing these fabulous pics!!!
    First the card...
    Love the filigree flower...
    and I think a mom will appreciate it very much!!
    But I'm kind'a like you...I'm going to stick with flower dies for flowers...
    so much easier! :)
    And now this fabulous vacation...
    just amazing!
    The girls are beautiful...
    such a gorgeous family!!
    And the sights...
    The Colosseum...
    I can only imagine being there.
    I watch Spartacus and to think of all that occurred there...
    it's just incredible and I'm so glad you shared with us...
    but I expect to see them all when you come over for dinner Saturday night...
    one ingredient French dishes...
    except for dessert!!
    I make lava cakes from scratch!!
    Actually that's about my limit with French food...
    too hard to make!!

  29. Gorgeous group photo, Joyce! Nice to see you :) All the photos are just beautiful. Love Rome and Venice. On my list to see. The Colosseum looks awesome. Must have been magnificant. Thanks so muchf or sharing your holiday photos :)
    Your card is pretty. Love that beautiful flower.


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